Our Guarantee

Guaranteed Results From Day One.

Kirei Cleaning Services fully guarantees all our work. That means we’ll do it again at no extra cost if you’re not completely satisfied.

“Satisfaction Plus”, More Than Just Words.

Satisfaction Plus is a lot more than just a couple of words we strung together. Satisfaction Plus is at the core of our business philosophy. It means we’re not satisfied with our service until we meet or exceed your expectations. Kirei Cleaning Services will always go the extra distance. From responding without delay to your initial phone call, to the completion of your special request, you can rest assured that your requests and requirements will be completed to your satisfaction - every time.

We’re Insured So You Can Rest Assured.

Kirei Cleaning Services carries a comprehensive insurance policy that covers all our current clients needs. However if you have additional requirements, we will be more than happy to make the necessary changes. All proposals include a copy of our insurance highlights, insurance provider and policy number for your records. One of our key value propositions we offer our clients is flexibility - the flexibility that comes with working around your schedule. Rarely will you find a Home Cleaning company that provides you with Same Day service.

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Kirei Cleaning Services

1088 Richards Street,

Vancouver, BC V6B 3C1

Phone. 604-363-2475

Email. Info@kireicleaning.ca


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(outstanding reputation for quality and integrity throughout lower mainland Vancouver area)